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Happy New Year to Y'all!!!!!

I don’t think I’ve ever made a NY resolution so I’m kind of thinking it’s time :)  I’m (**very) stubborn, therefore, it has always been pretty easy for me to change directions. I don’t have many regrets. I know that’s hard for some people (ones who know me and know my life) to understand but I’ve always said if I die today - my life was pretty kick ass. I had my share of tragedies, pain, huge mistakes, bad choices, and colossal loss which almost took my breath away……. But, through it all, I had my share of happiness, I loved hard, I traveled, I laughed, I’ve experienced stuff which only few ever will. The totality of it all is still pretty darn good. So, my New Year resolution is; no more bad decisions and dump mistakes, no more wasting time, and most of all, letting go of all that still gives me nightmares.  Love, kisses, and peace to y’all!  
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Prison Yoga Project (Photo by Robert Sturman) @prisonyogaproject

Source; @robertsturman
Robert's comment   "In addition to the weekly 1 hour class, many Prison Yoga Project participants deepen their practice on their own, in their shared cell.
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This was an honor in this Northern California State Prison.
I’d visited this particular prison 4 times and the Warden trusted me — Enough to permit me to photograph individuals in their cells. His cellmate stepped out for the shot. It would have been overload if it were just me in there. I walked out of that cell with a NEW mantra ➡️ “TAKE NOTICE OF THE THINGS I BITCH ABOUT.” — That mantra still lives in me and I hope it always will. Yes. Take notice of that "

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