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Fall/ Autumn Diet in Ayurveda

Source;  Joyful Belly . "Diet & Lifestyle" by John Immel, Asheville, NC School of Ayurvedic Diet & Digestion

A Season of Deficiency & ChangeAutumn is a season of deficiency and change. When the temperature starts to drop, the body scrambles to protect itself from heat loss. Nourishing foods, especially soups, seem all the more enticing while offering the added benefits of refortifying deficient tissue and thickening the skin, thus insulating your body from the cold. In Ayurveda, nourishing foods are calledojasbuilding foods. Ojas building, nourishing foods for autumn include root vegetables such as carrots and beets and hard "winter" squash like pumpkins and butternut squash as well as ghee and almonds.
Restoring Vitality to the SkinHave you ever noticed your skin loses much of its luster in the fall? The vitality of skin wanes as blood vessels constrict with colder temperatures (a process called vasoconstriction). Your pulse also rate drops with the t…
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