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Little Art Fun

Magee 1866 Magee 1866

Christmas Party Ready

Kasia's Om


Never, ever, never, NEVER GIVE UP!


Foods for a Flat Stomach

Kasia's Om

Last days of summer

Over Processed Food

Kasia's Om

Ideal Nap Time According to NASA


HIIT Workouts

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana or Bridge Pose

Shin Splints Suck!

Morning Flow

Very True

Exactly ME

Kasia's Om

Kasia's Om

Dinner Ready


Kasia's Om

At peace

Morning Tip


#startnew #beginnings

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Happy Mother's Day!

Banana 101

Kasia's Om

Kasia's Om


Yoga Humor. Or not.

Drinking Water

Avocado & Black Bean Salad

Hummus and Tomato Bruschetta


Health Benefits of Grapefruits

Eating before Bed

What is the Ayurvedic Diet for March

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