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Happy New Year to Y'all!!!!!

I don’t think I’ve ever made a NY resolution so I’m kind of thinking it’s time :)  I’m (**very) stubborn, therefore, it has always been pretty easy for me to change directions. I don’t have many regrets. I know that’s hard for some people (ones who know me and know my life) to understand but I’ve always said if I die today - my life was pretty kick ass. I had my share of tragedies, pain, huge mistakes, bad choices, and colossal loss which almost took my breath away……. But, through it all, I had my share of happiness, I loved hard, I traveled, I laughed, I’ve experienced stuff which only few ever will. The totality of it all is still pretty darn good. So, my New Year resolution is; no more bad decisions and dump mistakes, no more wasting time, and most of all, letting go of all that still gives me nightmares.  Love, kisses, and peace to y’all!  
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Walking Meditation --- My Story

My story------

I love these names!  Just had to share them :)

It's not very hard to keep my distance while walking on these trails.  Most days, I'm the only person there. It's the perfect time to meditate and reflect.  Walking, nature, water, fresh air, being outdoors, are the only times I CAN meditate.  I was never a person that could do seated meditation.  My hyper nature does not allow for that and it was the hardest part of my yoga training.  I always thought I was doing something wrong.  Several years ago I took a class on different meditation techniques.  To my great surprise, I found out that there are many forms of meditating other than being seated while looking like Siddhartha*****  I looked inwards and identified what gives me peace and a sense of calm. Not everyone is the same - don't force yourself to meditate while sitting in a lotus pose because you think that's the only way to do it.  There are many ways to transcend and still improve emotional stability, increase happiness, develop intuition, gain clarity and sharpen your mind.  I'm mindful just by focusing on my breath and walking.  No music, no phone, just me and the world.  That's how I like it.  That's how I focus.

There are many books and articles written on Walking Meditation.  Check it out.  It was a life changer for me.

***** Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse is still one of my favorite books.  Great read.  Available online.

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