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Summer Challenge

September 11th  Summer Challenge FINAL

I've had tons of fun with this summer challenge.  Although, certain things came up which completely took my focus off the challenge, I got back to it.  Despite my hectic, crazy, busy schedule I kept up with it.  I didn't work out as hard as I wanted to but nevertheless, I did.  

I feel fierce. I  feel great.  I feel strong.  I feel like I kicked ass!  I was doing yoga tonight and decided to take some final pictures as a way of wrapping things up.  I'll probably start something new next month since it's not so crazy hot anymore.  Until then - here are my yoga pictures.  Bathing suite and all so I can't hide!  Motivated AF for the next challenge :)  

Something to aspire to.  Love this poem!
"Mirror, mirror on the wall,
I'll always get up after I fall.
And whether I run, walk or have to crawl,
I'll set my goals and achieve them all."

September 6th  Summer Challenge Part - something

So..... the other day, I ventured out for a run and was stopped multiple times for various reasons.  First, one of the dogs just disappeared from view.  He was fine - just decided to go swimming instead of running....  Then, we all had to stop because of this cute little guy crossing the road.  Yes, I made sure the dogs left him alone.  Lastly, there was a huge tree down which we had to navigate around.  All these different signs made me wonder if I was supposed to be late for something????  

Go outside! Move! Be fit!
#fitandfierce  #motivatedAF #summerchallenge

I went for a long walk last night and it was the most peaceful thing I've done all week.   The smell, the sunset, and the strong sense that fall is right around the corner.  Only a few weeks ago, the day ended after 8.  Yesterday, it was only after 7 when the sun started setting.  So peaceful.  

August 4th Summer Challenge cont.

Yesterday was a busy day!  
It's been hot.  Very hot.  I still have managed to run/walk outside early in the morning or late at night.  Waking up at 5, just to run, doesn't seem like a great idea and it sucks when the alarm goes off but it definitely sets the tone for the rest of the day.  I'm so much more productive and fiercely motivated :) So, GO OUTSIDE!  Move. Be active.
#Motivated AF

Each time I run I feel the need to get in the marsh.....  and just stare. 

July 16th Summer Challenge cont.

Morning run with the babies.  We even ran passed a sunbathing cat who was very suspect of us :)  

July 9th Summer Challenge cont. 

In the future, my dream is to get an Apple watch to measure all my steps, yoga, swimming, etc.  However, for now,  I'm using the very basic Fitbid which is pretty accurate at measuring steps but definitely has it's limitations.  The cool thing about it is that I get a weekly report emailed to me with my stats for the week.   Just got this for the period of July 1 - July 7.  Not too bad - if I may say so :)) It's a good thing I was active because this was my week to scarf food.  

July 6th Summer Challenge cont.  Happy 4th!!!!

Happy 4th of July everyone! It's been a fun, HOT weekend with lots of sweat and even more steps:))

June 28th Summer Challenge cont. ----- Before & After

It's been close to a month since I started my Fit & Fierce summer challenge.   The "before" pictures were taken on June 3rd - nearly 4 weeks ago.  Still motivated AF and feeling savage!!!  I've even discovered a new trail during one of my running excursions :))  I love it!  Love the trees and all the nature.  I feel at peace, undisturbed, and so tranquil when I'm there.  It's probably one of the few moments I feel calm, a heaven of repose. 

This morning was hot and humid....  It was difficult to run past the 2 mile mark (just keeping it 100) but somehow I managed.... very slow.....  Remember, the voice in your head telling you to stop is always going to be loud as hell so get past it and move!!!  The first step is always the hardest- just go!

Before on the left in pink.  After on the right in black.  TBH, I don't think if I see a difference but I DO feel amazing.  


June 25th  Summer Challenge cont.  ---- Fit & Fierce!

Yoga, 5 times a week.  Run, 3 times a week.  Walk, 3 times a week.  Goal = my runs/walks have to equal at least 20 miles per week.  

This week was a kick ass week!  I went swimming, kayaking, running, walking and did my yoga!  My miles add up to over 27 (almost 28) miles which exceeds my personal goal of 20 miles per week.  

June 19th Summer Challenge cont.  

Still kicking ass with my personal challenge to be "fit & fierce" this summer!  I'm little late posting this but hey, better late than never!  This is from Tuesday after a very LONG day at the office and lots of driving.  I just wanted to sit on my couch and rest.....  Instead, I got my ass up and went walking/running :) It was amazing.  The woods, the water, my friendly deer that always comes out, everything was just perfect.

By the way, I'm not sure what deer symbolize in mythology - definitely need to look that up.  He comes so close to me I can almost touch him and looks right at me!  I've been having these weird "meetings" with deer for the past 2 years and would love to know what it means.   Anyone?

Anyhow...... pictures from my walk/run.  Beautiful evening.  Go OUTSIDE!  Move. Be active.
#Motivated AF

June 6th Summer Challenge cont.  

Good morning my kindred spirits!

I've received some emails asking me WHAT I'm doing as part of my summer challenge.  Well, my goal is not so much to lose weight on the scale, although I am aiming to lose some, but to lose inches and make my body fierce and fit! 

I've stuck to my yoga routine - 5/6 days a week.  However, I did turn it up a notch to make it more of a power yoga.  The kind that makes you sweat and push yourself.
I've added running.  I have been an avid walker for as long as I can remember but I've traded my walking minutes into running.  3 times a week - minimum.  I've started with 2 miles and I'm up to 3 miles.  Goal is 5 miles.  

It's hard.  Waking up early and working out is hard.  Going for a run after working all day is hard.  Hey, life is hard, right?  That's what makes it so much fun - feeling that sense of accomplishment.  When I lost all my excuses I finally found my results.  Go!  Move!  
I'm on week 3 and motivated AF!   

June 3rd Summer Challenge cont. 

So, this morning I did my yoga routine and went running as part of my be FIT & FIERCE "summer challenge.  It's a personal challenge which I have all intentions of keeping:)))

Below are my before pictures to keep me accountable.  

#fitandfierce #summerchallenge

May 29th Summer Challenge!

Go outside!  Absorb the nature and work your ass off.  Excuses will always be loud AF in your head so get past it!  However you want to start - just do it.  I've given myself my own personal challenge this summer.  I have 3 months and have taken my "before" pictures.  I will post them along with my "after" pictures.  In the meantime, let's move!

My little friend I met this evening.  

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