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Health and well-being benefits of plants

Source; Ellison Chair in International's Floriculture (Ellison Chair in International Floriculture)

I've had a love affair with plants and flowers for most of my life.  My house is always full of plants and I try to keep cut flowers during the summer months.  So, when I found out that I'm doing something that's beneficial to my health I had to post!  I love to read about anything that will help me concentrate, increase memory and stimulate my mind - which reminds me, I have to water my plants......

Peonies and orchids happen to be my favorite flowers :)

My laughing baby buddha surrounded by many plants at our house.   

Health and well-being benefits of plants

Concentration and Memory. Being around plants helps people concentrate better in the home and workplace. Studies show that tasks performed while under the calming influence of nature are performed better and with greater accuracy, yielding a higher quality result. Moreover, being outside in a natural environment can improve memory performance and attention span by twenty percent.
Keeping ornamental plants in the home and in the workplace increases memory retention and concentration. The calming influence of natural environments is conducive to positive work environments by increasing a person’s ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Work performed under the natural influence of ornamental plants is normally of higher quality and completed with a much higher accuracy rate than work done in environments devoid of nature. Going outside or being under the influence of plants can increase memory retention up to twenty percent, a recent University of Michigan study showed (Sewach). The effect of nature in the home and in the workplace serves to stimulate both the senses and the mind, improving mental cognition and performance. (Bisco Werner 1996; Brethour 2007; Frank 2003; Pohmer 2008; Serwach 2008; Shibata, 2001, 2004; Yannick 2009)

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