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Ayurveda - the ideal balance

Brief Description of Ayurveda

Doshas Body Types

- from Vasant Land, B.M.A & S.,M.A.Sc. - The Ayurvedic Institute (The Ayurvedic Institute )

What are Doshas?  They are the Ayurvedic body types or you "constitution".  Once you figure out what your dominant Dosha is it will be easy to base your diet on those elements. When we have a clear understanding of the elements that drive us we can work on maintaining and keeping our bodies/ minds in balance.  Finding and living with balance is the key to Ayurveda.

If you're still curious, you can take this quiz to discover your body type  Dosha Quiz

Food Guidelines for Specific Doshas

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old holistic health system from India.  At its core -  is the belief that good health starts in our gut.

For example; fruit is always an excellent choice, however, to combine fruit with other foods is almost always a bad idea.  Why?  Fruit is digested quicker than other foods which can lead to fermentation = indigestion.

General Food Guidelines

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