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10 Eating habits to Improve Digestion from Ayurveda

 Here are ten habits to improve digestion.

  • Wait for the signs of true hunger.
  • Eat the same time every day. The stomach likes to be on a good routine.
  • A simple glass of warm water twenty minutes before a meal can improve digestive function by as much as 24%.
  • Relax while eating and for fifteen minutes afterwards.
  • Eat simple food combinations.
  • Avoid cold drinks or food.
  • Baby the digestion after a tough day with time-tested soups.
  • Completely chew and mix food with saliva.
  • Fill stomach 1/3 full with food, 1/3 with water, and 1/3 empty.
  • Eat a simple breakfast, a hearty lunch, and a gentle dinner.
Warm 101 degree soups prevent Dry Stomach Syndrome. It likes tea, steamed veggies, soups. The stomach struggles more with raw, cold foods and excessively irritating foods like chilis.

Improper Eating Habits

Improper eating habits lead to poor digestion, absorption, and assimilation of food. In ancient times, Indian monks worshipped agni, the god of fire. In the body, agni is the digestive fire. The monks were careful to protect their digestive fire, which is the sacred fire that fuels and nourishes the blood and all other metabolic activity. Poor digestion leads to formation of amaand altered blood chemistry. In addition to following the principles above, here are some other habits to avoid:
  • Snacking between meals
  • Excess fats, proteins, sweets, sour, and salty foods 
  • Eating heavy foods late at night / sleeping after eating.
  • Eating too much or too soon after a meal 
  • Eating while constipated, gassy, burping, or any other digestive distress.
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