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Poses for Lower Back Pain & My Own Struggle

These poses saved me and gave me a bit of comfort.  

I guess I'm going to be posting a lot of "therapeutic"  poses as I go through my own process of dealing with a back injury.  Anyone who knows me, also knows how much I despise being sedentary.  It's like a curse for me.  Well, that's exactly what I've been doing for the past month.  My back pain is at 10, maybe 9.5.  I guess it was at a 10.  Thankfully, all is getting back to normal, although, I'm reminded that it will never be the same each time I try to run, jump, or do anything fun.....  My back screams!!!  In case you're wondering, I've been diagnosed with retrolisthesis.  Mild, but nevertheless, there is evidence of the L5 verterbrae sliding onto the S1.  Sounds horrible, right?  Yeah, it's been a process and it hurt like f.*&^%!  

So, that's my story.  Thanks for the emails:))) I'm glad someone noticed I've been "gone" and haven't really posted anything.  I can honestly say that I can now relate to all the people out there with some type of back issues.  I will continue to study it and post poses, remedies, etc. as I learn them myself.  

Happy Hanukkah everyone!  Love, peace, and hugs for all.  


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