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Give Back Yoga University

Dear friends,

Like so many of you, all of us here at Give Back Yoga have spent a great deal of time this year in a space of contemplation and reflection. The coronavirus pandemic has changed nearly every facet of human life. As a nonprofit organization, we've had to dig deep and re-align with what matters most.
  • How do we reach those in prison when we can’t safely access facilities?
  • How do we support those with mental illness who we know are suffering even more in isolation?
  • What does a trauma-sensitive yoga class look like in a virtual space?
As part of this process, we’ve come back to the heart of Give Back Yoga. Our mission is rooted in the belief that everyone should be able to practice yoga. Especially those in the midst of crisis — whether that be a life sentence in prison, an eating disorder, a cancer diagnosis, or an active addiction.

As we look into the future, facing so many unknowns, one thing has become undeniably clear:
If there ever was a time that yoga could truly save a life, it's now.
That is why this November we are launching Give Back Yoga University, a new virtual space for you to access talks, workshops, and trainings on how to bring the therapeutic benefits of yoga practices to individuals facing illness and hardship. It's your opportunity to connect directly with yoga nonprofits, researchers, and world-renowned teachers on the greatest questions facing our industry.
Whether you’re a yoga teacher, a yoga therapist, or a healthcare professional on the frontlines, we hope it will empower you with resources to better serve the communities you know and love.

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