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Honey Salmon with Roasted Pineapple & Cilantro Pesto

Honey Salmon with Roasted Pineapple & Cilantro Pesto 

Add fresh cut pineapple to a pan and drizzle with avo oil. Season salmon filet with spicy honey ( or cayenne + honey) lemon+ smoked paprika+ sea salt+ pepper, spray with avo oil, and broil at 450 for 13 mins- depending on the thickness! ⠀⠀
To make pesto: blend handful cilantro+ 1/4C raw cashews+ garlic+ juice of 1 lime+ 2Tbs tahini+ 1/4C olive oil. Sauté zoodles in a pan with spinach before mixing with cilantro pestoooo! ⠀⠀
Enjoy loves!
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